What is Coco-Zen?

Coco-Zen is a state of nirvana achieved by surrendering to the taste and aroma
of luscious, rich chocolate.

It's knowing that you are helping our planet and its people,
because all of our treats are handmade from organic and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate.

A state of ecstasy, peace and harmony, Coco-Zen is oneness with chocolate.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

VIDEO: Captain Planet - Tree of Life, Part 2

Episode recap

"In Tree of Life, the evil Dr. Bright wants to cut down the Tree of Life. The giant redwood tree contains the powers of nature, which Dr. Bright wants to use to make herself more powerful than Captain Planet. When Captain Planet finds Dr. Bright to be a difficult match, can the Planeteers come to the Captain's rescue as well as the forest's rescue before it's too late?"

Stay tuned for more...

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