What is Coco-Zen?

Coco-Zen is a state of nirvana achieved by surrendering to the taste and aroma
of luscious, rich chocolate.

It's knowing that you are helping our planet and its people,
because all of our treats are handmade from organic and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate.

A state of ecstasy, peace and harmony, Coco-Zen is oneness with chocolate.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stuff We Found Today - 04.08.09

Umbrellas in Battery Park, New York

Home Stuff

Tech & Science Stuff
  • Recycle 100 Million Cell Phones, Power Almost 20,000 Homes - (Red, Green and Blue) "...the EPA estimates that only 10 percent of all unused cell phones were recycled, and if all 100 million unwanted phones were recycled now it would save enough energy to power 18,500 homes for one full year."

Work & Business Stuff

Nature & Environment Stuff

Arts, Entertainment & Travel Stuff

International Stuff

Political, Social & Economy Stuff

Other Random Cool Stuff
  • For Your Honey-Bunny - (ecofabulous) Just in case you've decided not to go the chocolate bunny route this Easter, these adorable cookies are organic and made from Fair Trade cocoa!

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