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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stuff We Found Today - 04.01.09

Obama Supports $10,000 Tax Credit for "Free" Vasectomies...April Fools!!

Food Stuff
  • Cozy on (C)up - (ecofabulous) Here's a reuasable alternative to disposable coffee cup sleeve...for the occasions when you forget to bring your own travel mug to the coffee shop.
  • There's Good Chews, and There's Bad Chews - (Ecosalon) We're talking about chewing gum. "Modern gum is mostly made up of petro-based polymers. Essentially, you’re chewing plastic...a better option: Chicza, an organic, biodegradable, agave-sweetened gum made completely from chicle tree latex, the old-fashioned way."
  • Organic is Not the Answer (by itself!) - (Eco Child's Play) Because "junk food is junk food"...even if it's organic.
  • Ben & Jerry's 'fools' us into taking action - (Mother Nature Network) "Ben & Jerry's revealed today that they were behind a website that touted 'perfect milk from perfect cows.' It was there April Fool's joke with a serious message behind it."

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