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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stuff We Found Today - 04.14.09

727 Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica

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  • CFLs Even More Like Incandescents - (EcoGeek)
  • Hybrid House: The Hybrid Car Companion - (Fast Company) "Konyk's Hybrid House, supposedly inspired by the Toyota Prius (though it's hard to see how), is an off-the-grid electric home that converts the sun into AC current to run all the utilities in the structure."
  • Cannabis Houses Have Lower Carbon Footprint - (EcoWorldly) "Houses built out of hemp instead of traditional building materials leave a ‘better than zero carbon’ footprint, according to new research out of the UK."
  • Chickuno Cube - (showtheLOVE) "Okay if you are still using Fabreeze or another toxic spray to freshen your room then listen up! This cleverly designed charcoal cube should change your ways...."

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International Stuff
  • Poop power is green power - (Mother Nature Network) Oslo, NOrway, will test a system in 2010 that powers city buses with methane created by fermenting human waste. Not a crappy idea."
  • Dolphins save Chinese ship from pirates - (Mother Nature Network) "A giant pod of thousands of dolphins recently saved some Chinese merchant ships from Somali pirates. Flipper would be proud."
  • The seven eco wonders of the world - (Mother Nature Network) "Present and future landmarks that embody our new era of sustainability."

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