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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stuff We Found Today - 04.28.09

Surfing's negative environmental impact...

Family, Kids & Health Stuff

Food Stuff

Home Stuff

Beauty & Fashion Stuff

Tech & Science Stuff

Work & Business Stuff

Nature & Environment Stuff

Arts, Entertainment & Travel Stuff

Website Stuff
  • New Green Social Site Just for Kids: Habitat Heroes - (Eco Child's Play) "...an interactive online destination where kids can adopt an endangered animal, create a life for it, play games, learn facts about the planet, and communicate with other young conservationists." Hey, if they're gonna get online...

International Stuff

Political, Social & Economy Stuff

Other Random Cool Stuff
  • Meet the eco-barons - (Mother Nature Network) Book about "titans who are measured not by their bank accounts, but by their impact on the planet."
  • Save trees while you print - (Mother Nature Network) "A new software makes green printing one step easier."
  • The next big wave - (Mother Nature Network) "Surfers may seem like free-spirited nature lovers, but they’re now facing the consequences of their sport’s negative environmental impact."
  • THE GREEN PARTY: A Mother's Day bouquet - (Mother Nature Network) Join Danielle to learn how to make your mom a Mother's Day present she won't soon forget: a beautiful, organic bouquet of flowers." (video in post)

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