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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stuff We Found Today - 04.29.09

Boeing 747 Restaurant of South Korea

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Arts, Entertainment & Travel Stuff
  • Recycled Appliance Music - (GreenMuze) "Considered to be the world’s only kitchen appliance rock band, Norwegian Hurra Torpedo use recycled stoves, washing machines, freezers and dryers to create their unique industrial style music." Watch their cover of Total Eclipse of The Heart on YouTube (video in post).
  • Toronto Hot Docs Festival - (GreenMuze) "Canada’s coolest documentary film festival – Hot Docs – is about to get underway in Toronto from April 30-May 10, 2009...is North America’s largest documentary film festival..." Watch trailers of some of the more notable entries (videos in post).

Website Stuff
  • BarterQuest - Trade goods, services and real estate...trade both locally and internationally. Let someone else reuse what you don't want anymore.

International Stuff
  • The greenest countries in the world - (Mother Nature Network) By the way, the US ranked 39th out of 149 countries...we're not the worst, but we can certainly do better.
  • The Boeing 747 Restaurant of South Korea - (Environmental Graffiti) "A Boeing 747, the first jumbo jet to be flown commercially, sits in South Korea – a decommissioned airliner that found a new lease of life converted into a restaurant."

Political, Social & Economy Stuff

Other Random Cool Stuff

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