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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stuff We Found Today - 04.22.09

Stilt fishermen of Kathaluwa

Family, Kids & Health Stuff

Food Stuff

Home Stuff
  • Take shorter showers or suffocate - (Mother Nature Network) "How would you like an eco-friendly shower curtain that starts suffocating you if you take too long?" No joke...someone invented this.

Beauty & Fashion Stuff
  • Whole Foods Turning Banners Into Luxury Bags - (Fast Company) Turning old retail banners into handbags..."will also have an LED light attached inside for those times when you can't find anything in the dark depths of your bag." Whoa!!

Tech & Science Stuff

Work & Business Stuff

School, College & Student Stuff

Nature & Environment Stuff

Arts, Entertainment & Travel Stuff

Website Stuff
  • Earth Protect - "Earth Protect is a place to link videos, participate in the blogs and forums and in general share ideas about how to protect the earth." It's sort of like an eco YouTube...plus there's a business directory to find and buy environmentally-friendly products and services and learn about like-minded non-profit partners.
  • Green Groove - An online service allows consumers to create personalized "withdrawal" plans to help them organically adapt to more sustainable ways and embrace eco-conscious choices - helps you get started, and helps you keep track.

International Stuff
  • The Stilt Fishermen of Kathaluwa - (Environmental Graffiti) "Stilt fishing is a tradition that only about 500 fishing families in the southwestern-most Sri Lankan district of Galle practice..."
  • Afghanistan Establishes First National Park - (EcoWorldly) "The area of Band-e-Amir is near the Bamyan Valley, where 1,500-year-old giant Buddha statues once stood before being destroyed by the Taliban."

Political, Social & Economy Stuff
  • The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act - (Obama Pics Daily) Love these pics of the Pres, the 1st Lady and Former Pres Clinton digging in the dirt with students.
  • White House Gives Offshore Wind Big Push - (TakePart Social Action Network) "The White House gave the development of offshore wind & wave power facilities a huge Earth Day push today with the release of much anticipated regulations." (video in post)

Other Random Cool Stuff

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