What is Coco-Zen?

Coco-Zen is a state of nirvana achieved by surrendering to the taste and aroma
of luscious, rich chocolate.

It's knowing that you are helping our planet and its people,
because all of our treats are handmade from organic and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate.

A state of ecstasy, peace and harmony, Coco-Zen is oneness with chocolate.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stuff We Found Today - 01.29.09

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  • Green Chamber of Commerce - "The Green Chamber of Commerce is a national, membership-based organization that is dedicated to fostering the success of businesses large and small that are committed to environmental and social responsibility." Wonder how this compares to Coop America/Green America (of which Coco-Zen is a member)??
  • Gig List - Jan. 29, 2009 - (Green Gigs) Here's today's list of green job postings.

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1 comment:

La Mama Naturale' said...

Hi there!
Thanks for linking up the my post! Much appreciated- took a "chocolate bath" yesterday and it was so wonderful. We love that soap and it's almost gone! My son loves it too! ;)