What is Coco-Zen?

Coco-Zen is a state of nirvana achieved by surrendering to the taste and aroma
of luscious, rich chocolate.

It's knowing that you are helping our planet and its people,
because all of our treats are handmade from organic and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate.

A state of ecstasy, peace and harmony, Coco-Zen is oneness with chocolate.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Organic Raspberry & Strawberry Meet Fair Trade Dark Chocolate...mmm!

Summer berries are here, and they're bursting with flavor. We're pairing them with deep dark chocolate to create our strawberry and raspberry truffles, but we'll only be making these as long as summer berries are around.... so, order some before they're gone!

Each batch of strawberry and raspberry truffles starts with organic berries from our local farmer's market. These ripe and succulent berries are then slow roasted for hours, intensifying their flavor. Finally, they're pureed and blended into a dark chocolate ganache with a touch of organic coconut cream.

Both of our berry truffles are enrobed in organic Fair Trade Certified™ 72% dark chocolate and then topped off with a slice of organic dried strawberry or organic dried raspberry. The "Strawberries & Chocolate" truffles are fragrant, yet subtle, while the "Raspberries & Chocolate" truffles have a bolder and more intense flavor.

Available in our large dessert-sized truffles, the strawberry and raspberry truffles are both options for our Truffles-To-Give, Truffles-To-Share or Bulk Truffles.

Psst... our raspberry and strawberry truffles just happen to be vegan, but no one has to know!

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